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Price: $25.00
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Model: Stunner
Manufacturer: The Trickery
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An absolutely stunning card 3-phase card effect by Doug Edwards!

A deck of cards is shown on both sides and shuffled. An audience member selects a card which is left in the middle of the deck. With absolutely no moves the magician claims he will cause their selected card to turn over in the deck then shoot out from the front of deck causing no injury or harm to any of those involved. With just one quick riffle, one face-up card shoots part-way out from the deck. It is their selected card.

The deck is turned over and the selected card is seen to be red as is the rest of the deck. It's turned over again and as the selected card is pushed back into the deck the magician exclaims, “What you just witnessed was nothing more than an illusion! It didn't really happen; it was not real.” He then turns the deck face-up and runs through the entire deck. There are no duplicate cards. There is only one chosen card, also face-up, which is removed from the center of the deck. With a wry grin the magician now exclaims, “This, however is very real!” As he turns the chosen card over, its back is now blue.

 The effect is very strong for both laypeople as well as magicians.

 The cool thing…..

There's no skill involved! A very cleverly gaffed card and some simple handling is all that is needed to execute this wonderful card routine.

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