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Versa Bag

Versa Bag
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Price: $24.95
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Model: Versa Bag
Manufacturer: The Trickery
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Quite a few routines are possible with the Versa Bag!

Here's one....

Show the bag empty. Give it to a spectator to hold. Another person selects a card and loses it back it the deck. She is asked to look through the deck for her card. It is no longer there. Ask the first person to show the front of the bag to the audience; it now has a single face-down playing card inside! You remove the card, but it's the wrong card. Uh-oh! Place it back inside face-up. Before giving in to failure you have an idea. Turn the bag upside down and when the card falls from the bag, it has changed to the proper card!

Billet Bag - Ideal for swapping billets for your mentalism routine!

Ring of Fire� Show the bag empty. Use a finger flasher gimmick to produce a quick flash of fire and magically a ring appears in the empty bag.

Con's Jewelry Bag� Several loose diamond chips are placed inside the bag. When the bag is turned over a beautiful necklace slides out from the bag! Supply your own diamonds and tennis bracelet.

The Queen's Pearls� Single pearls are dropped into the bag. Some thread and clasps go in next. As the bag is turned upside down, a fully restored necklace pours out from the bag.

Candy Factory� A handful of M&M's magically appears inside an empty bag. The bag is turned over and out pours a small sealed package of M&M's.

Movie Time� Several popcorn kernels are dropped inside the empty bag. The bag is turned over and popped popcorn falls from the bag! Keep a small piece of bubble wrap concealed in your free hand to emulate a popping sound!

Regulation to Jumbo Card� I think the title gives you the idea!

Swap Stuff� Use the bag as a utility piece to switch coins, keys or anything small enough that needs to be secretly exchanged for another item.

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