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Now available in Bicycle Poker size cards! Chris Kenworthey's Mastermind may not be the 8th Wonder of the World, but it sure is one strong piece of mental magic!

A registered and notarized envelope is mailed to the chairman of the show committee 7 days before your show. Inside the envelope is a single playing card with a blue back. Nothing else. The chairman is to keep the envelope in his possession and let no one tamper with it.
On the night of your show, a red-backed deck of cards is freely shown. Each of the cards is absolutely different. The deck is honestly shuffled and cut. The deck quite honestly appears ordinary in every respect. It is openly ribbon spread face up on the table, showing that each card is different.

Once the chairman is satisfied that the cards are thoroughly mixed, they are ribbon spread face down, allowing for an absolutely free choice of any card. Any card may be chosen.

The card is removed from the deck and turned face up. Let's say it is the three of hearts. The chairman himself opens the prediction envelope, which is still in his possession, and removes the one card inside. It is the Three of Hearts!

The impossible has just occurred!


  • No roughed cards
  • It is a free selection of any card from the spread, no force
  • No stacked arrangements
  • No switching of envelopes or cards
  • Prediction card is actually in the envelope
  • No sleight of hand required
  • No long or short cards

I know it sounds too good to be true. But, Mastermind is exactly as described. It is very good! Once you purchase Mastermind, you will also be able to perform Chris' Any Card at Any Number routine!

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