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Thirteen with DVD

Thirteen with DVD
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Model: Thirteen with DVD
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Effect: Performer displays a deck of cards with the word "PREDICTION" written across its case. Performer explains that his lucky number is the number 13. The cards are removed from its case and spread showing them to be quite ordinary and thoroughly mixed. Spectator is asked to call out any number from 1 to 52 [no force]. ie: Spectator calls out the number 27. The card is placed face down on the table. The performer now introduces another deck. This deck has the word "THIRTEEN" written across its case. Performer again explains that the number 13 is his lucky number. The cards are removed from its case and is counted down to the 13th card. This card is turned face up. The tabled card from the other deck is now turned face up. BOTH CARDS MATCH! You will love this item. Complete with Bicycle® cards, precision gimmicks and instructional DVD. Requires no sleight of hand.

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