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Price: $10.95
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Model: Incredible
Manufacturer: Bob Solari
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Imagine this: You go to your friend's house and ask him to merely think of any card, but not to announce it. You ask your friend to loan you a deck of cards. Without touching the cards at any time, you now ask your friend to remove the card that he is thinking of. The remainder of the deck is tabled. With the back of the card kept toward you at all times, you now ask your friend to concentrate and stare intently at the face of their card. Telling your friend that you need to pick up "psychic vibrations," you next write on a pad of paper an impression that's come to your mind. Turning the pad around, you show that written on it is the NAME OF THEIR CARD! The cards are not marked, as they may be borrowed, and no nail writers are used ! No questions are asked of the spectator - No fishing for a name. No forcing. The effect is truly INCREDIBLE!

* INCREDIBLE PLUS is a larger marker with a larger viewing area *

*Large*(Incredible Plus)...$15.95

Over 10,000 Sold !

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